We're currently on the lookout for an exceptional BAME, female, actor/musician who is highly skilled on the piano, to join our company for Electrolyte. The performer would ideally be from Leeds/Yorkshire or able to do an authentic Leeds accent.

The role:

Donna - Leeds born and bred. Brash, knows how to handle herself and is not afraid to give someone a piece of her mind. Has a caring side and is a fiercely loyal friend. Donna has known Jessie (protagonist) all her life and eventually helps her by nursing Jessie through her psychosis.

The production is a piece of gig-theatre exploring mental health and will be heading to the Edinburgh Fringe with plans to tour nationally afterwards. It will be paid in accordance with Equity/ITC guidelines.


Beginning of June - end of August, rehearsals in London and run in Edinburgh.

If you're interested in applying please drop us an email at info@wildcardtheatre.co.uk expressing interest in the production, including your Spotlight link or CV and we'll be in touch soon.

When auditioning, we give priority to those who actively engage with our work, workshops and events. If you'd like to stay up to date with what we're doing: