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Emerging Artists

Providing on-going support for emerging artists & companies is at the heart of Wildcard.

It is one of our core beliefs and we are always on the look out for new creatives, projects and ideas we can help bring to life. Our door is always open for advice or support, so don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to chat - Wildcard is a home for all artists.


We are proud to be partnering with The Actors Centre to bring you FOUR OF A KIND: a new platform for actor-led companies taking their first step.

What is the programme? 

We are passionate about helping actors empower themselves within our industry. We believe a brilliant way of doing this is creating and producing your own work. However, we're well aware that setting up a theatre company is no easy task... but the rewards can be extraordinary. With a little help getting off the ground we know exceptional things can be achieved.

That's why we're proud to present FOUR OF A KIND, a platform set up by Wildcard in association with The Actors Centre, which will provide four actor-led companies with the tools they need to both set up as a professional theatre company and get on their way to producing a brand new theatre production.

What will you get?

Up to three days worth of free rehearsal space in central London, tailored around each of the company's needs, to develop a brand new piece of theatre.

A work-in-progress performance in the Tristan Bates Theatre on the evening of Monday 18th June, with each company presenting 15 minutes of their work.

The option of a future run at The Tristan Bates Theatre.

One-on-one meetings with The Actors Centre and Wildcard staff covering everything you need to know on how to legally set up as a company and how to produce your first show.

Each company will be added to The Actors Centre development ladder, which provides regular opportunities in their John Thaw development space.

On-going support for the next year in the form of follow-up meetings.

Who can apply? 

FOUR OF A KIND is an empowerment scheme for actors looking to set up as a theatre company. We define an actor-led company as a three or more actors getting together as a collective in order to make a new piece of work. This differs from a director or writer asking a group of actors to work on their project. Of course the actors may bring a writer or director on board in order to raise the artistic standard of the piece, or they might write something themselves, but the company must be led by people who define themselves primarily as actors. This project is suitable for groups of actors who are:

Looking to produce their first show.

Have produced a short production/scratch performance/one or two nights of a show but are now looking to produce their first run.

Are a collective that feel confident artistically but are unsure of the 'business' side of creating a company.

Please note: those who apply must be available for the entire day on Monday 18th June.

How to apply? 

Please send an application (no longer than a page of A4) to info@wildcardtheatre.co.uk telling us who you are, what your idea and ambition is and why this opportunity is right for you.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for all applications is Friday 25th May. Any applications received after this deadline cannot be considered.


We are also proud to launch our First Credit Initiative!

Designed to give emerging artists their first paid professional credit – according to Equity guidelines. This initiative provides emerging artists with that much needed leg up in the industry. On every production we stage, we strive to ensure a proportion of our creative team is an emerging artist receiving their first job; be that on stage or behind the scenes, we're dedicated to creating new pathways into the industry.

If you feel like this opportunity speaks to you then please get in touch, email info@wildcardtheatre.co.uk with the subject line FIRST CREDIT INITIATIVE. Please include your CV and a short statement explaining why you need help gaining access into the industry (150 words max).