<big><big><big>Winner of the 2018 LET Award

by James Meteyard
Music by Maimuna Memon


1st - 27th August, 17:30


QueenDome, Pleasance 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018


Jessie's sick of Leeds.
A city she thought she would never leave.
But the aimlessness of the people
she once believed she would always need
is suffocating.

Wondering whether she's had enough,
in a dirty nightclub not too far off,
Jessie's blinded by the light of Allie Touch,
a singer song-writer with a taste for big ambitions,
amongst some other stuff.

Feeling rough in the five in the morning sunlight,
Jessie's sight is fixed on the path that Allie lights
And like a moth to a flame in the night,
She ignites.

Written in spoken word poetry and underscored entirely by original music created live, Electrolyte is an explosive piece of gig-theatre exploring schizophrenia, depression and male suicide. 

Electrolyte is the winner of the 2018 LET Award and is currently supported by The Watermill Theatre and Theatr Clwyd.

Jessie | Olivia Sweeney
Paul | Ben Simon
Ralph | Chris Georgiou
Allie | Maimuna Memon
Jim | James Meteyard

Created by the company

Directed by Donnacadh O'Briain
Written & conceived by James Meteyard
Music & Lyrics by Maimuna Memon
Produced by Joseph Dawson