Awards and stars electrolyte.001

by James Meteyard
Music by Maimuna Memon

ELECTROLYTE will tour the UK from April 2019.

You can purchase the play text, published by Samuel French, below:

Jessie's sick of Leeds.
A city she thought she would never leave.
But the aimlessness of the people
she once believed she would always need
is suffocating.

Wondering whether she's had enough,
in a dirty nightclub not too far off,
Jessie's blinded by the light of Allie Touch,
a singer song-writer with a taste for big ambitions,
amongst some other stuff.

Feeling rough in the five in the morning sunlight,
Jessie's sight is fixed on the path that Allie lights
And like a moth to a flame in the night,
She ignites.

Written in spoken word poetry and underscored entirely by original music created live, Electrolyte is an explosive piece of gig theatre exploring grief, depression and psychosis.

Jessie | Olivia Sweeney
Paul | Ben Simon
Ralph | Chris Georgiou
Allie | Maimuna Memon
Jim | James Meteyard
Donna | Megan Ashley 

Created by the company

Written & conceived by James Meteyard
Music & Lyrics by Maimuna Memon

Directed by Donnacadh O'Briain
Produced by Joseph Dawson
Lighting by Timothy Kelly
Costume by Hannah Hodge 

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📢 Companies, artists and creatives 📢 This is a brilliant opportunity to get in the building at a fantastic theatre to develop work, share it and get some feedback. We developed part of @electrolytegig during a residency and it was invaluable. Plus everyone’s really nice! #bonus

4:48 Psychosis at @newdiorama is a mesmerising piece of theatre, brilliantly crafted by @DeafinitelyT Congratulations to all and thank you for our ticket-badges, we'll where them with pride!


@LPAC_Lincoln @electrolytegig @ThisEgg_ @transgressprod I managed to catch @electrolytegig whilst I was there and have never been more moved by a piece of theatre absolutely and undeniable one of the MOST important pieces of work I have seen - for the first time in a LONG time I felt MH was sensitively dealt with I really felt SEEN!🎭

Just a few of our Fringe Favourites this year:

Electrolyte @electrolytegig
dressed. @ThisEgg_
Everything's Going to Be KO @transgressprod

We LOVED you guys!

#fringe #edfringe #edinburghfringe #theatre #lpac #unmissabletheatre

I am absolutely sold on ‘gig-theatre’; from being completely swept of my feet and punched in the gut by @electrolytegig from @WildcardTheatre to an absolutely rare piece of P U R E ARTISTRY that was #Mistytheplay @TrafStudios on Monday night: I’m strapped in for this ride!

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